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“We bought two bikes from Henry to keep up with our friends on their Pedego bikes.  Such a good value by comparison, and...”

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Do Your Homework!

Google search electric bikes and you will find most selling for over $2,000.00 with measly 250 watts motors that wont get you up even the smallest hill.

Ask  Dealers These Questions

Before You Purchase Any Electric Bike

And Test Ride It Before You Buy It

(Print Out These Questions and Take Them With You When Shopping E-bikes)

Questions  to Ask About Range:

ONE:  How far can I go on a single charge with NO PEDALING? If the Ah of the battery is only 12Ah and the dealer tells you that you can travel 30 miles with no pedaling, ask yourself: WHAT ELSE WOULD HE LIE TO YOU ABOUT? (For more info on e-bike ranges, go here)

Questions to Ask About Speed:

One:  How fast can I go? If the motor  puts out less than 500 watts (most are only 250) and a dealer tells you that you will do 20 mph,  ask yourself:  WHAT ELSE WOULD HE LIE TO YOU ABOUT?  (For more info on e-bike speed, go here.)

Questions to Ask About the Motor:

ONE:  How many watts?  Most e-bikes are only 250 watts.

TWO:  Is the motor brushless?

THREE: Geared or direct drive? LB Electrics are all direct drive.  A geared motor will not stand up under the power of 750 watts. (For more info on motors go here.)

Questions to Ask About the Battery:

ONE:  Is it Lithium or SLA (sealed lead acid)?

TWO: What is the voltage?

THREE: What is the battery’s Ah (amp hour). Most e-bike batteries are only 10Ah. Amp hour is a battery’s capacity, like the gas tanks in cars–10, 15, 20 gal.

FOUR: Can you lock the battery to the bike making it thief-proof? LB Electric Batteries all have a locking key. (For more info on batteries, go here.)

Questions to Ask About Having to Pedal:

ONE: Do you have to petal to get power assistance from the motor? These are known as  a “pedalecs” or PAS systems. Pedalec or PAS systems are  imported bikes from countries were the laws says in order for and e-bike to be classified as a bicycle, you MUST pedal. USA law says that you only to be ABLE to pedal, but you don’t have to.  A pedalec or PAS systems is just another unnecessary imported gemcrake that is subject to constant failure. (For more on pedaling, go here.)

Questions to Ask About Motor Mounting and Bike Balance:

ONE:  Is the motor mounted on the front or rear wheel? At Long Beach Electric Bikes we mount our motors on the front wheel. (To learn why go here.)  

Question to Ask About Safety:

ONE: Is the motored wheel equipped with a torque arm? Most do NOT. TWO:  Does the bike have brakes both front and rear. Most beach cruiser have only a single coaster brake on the rear.

THREE: Do the brake handles deactivate the motor when depressed? (To learn about safe e-bike go here.)

Ask About Honest Customer Reviews

ONE: Do they have reviews on sites other than their own and possibly written by themselves? All customer reviews for LB Electrics have appeared on Yelp, Twitter, or Facebook. (See them here.)

 A Final Caution When Viewing

An e-bike Distributor’s Website

If on his website, the distributor doesn’t have guts enough to publish his e-bike’s actual specification– like the motor watts, the battery voltage, the battery’s Amp Hour, honest speeds and range, but instead, tries to dazzle you with meaningless adjectives like “powerful motor” or “long range battery”  and how “his e-bike flattens hills” with no actual specifics, you should  proceed with caution.

Especially if you are considering an online purchase

 rather than being wiser and buying from a local e-bike shop where you can test ride the bike and know you have a place to take the bike if it needs servicing.

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