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CAUTION: Do Your Homework

Google search electric bikes and you will find most selling for over $2,500.00 with measly 250 watt motors that wont get you up even the smallest hill.

The Four Most Important Questions

You Should Ask a Dealer

Before Purchasing an Electric Bike

(Print Out These Questions and Take Them With You When Shopping E-bikes)

One:  What is the watt power of the motor?

          Remember: Any motor under 500 watts will not get you up           even the smallest hill. And if you weigh over 175 lbs. you will not           travel over 15 mph. And be sure it is a “brushless” motor. Our           brushless LB Electric motors are 750 watts.

Note: The reason you see so many of those 250-watt bikes advertised on the web is because they are imported from Asia and Europe where the law says that for it to be classified as a bicycle, it must not produce more than 250 watts.  This law was instituted to satisfy the gasoline moped industry who, of course, do not want competition from e-bikes.

Two:  What is the battery voltage and is it Lithium?

          You want at least 36 volts. A 24-volt battery will hardly drive a 500-           watt motor. And be absolutely sure that the battery is Lithium, not           SLA (sealed lead acid).

Three: What is the battery’s “Ah” (Amp Hour).

            Ah is the most misunderstood feature of batteries. The Ahr is the             capacity of the battery. Like the capacity of the gas tanks in            automobiles, where you have 10 gal tanks, 15 gal, 20 gal and so            on, which, of course determines your range. Most lithium            batteries are only 10 or 12 Ahr. All of our LB Electric batteries are            14Ah, which, of course, like a larger gas tank in your car means            longer range.

Four: Do you have to pedal to get power from the motor (pedal assist) ?          On many e-bikes you must pedal before the motor will kick in and          assist you. But worse yet, you must keep on pedaling for the motor          to continue delivering power. Our  LB Electrics all have a throttle on          the handle bar.

Note:  Those are referred to as “pedalics”. Pedalics (like the 250-watt

motors discussed above) were designed for the Asian and European markets, where the law says for an e-bike to be legally classified as a bicycle, you MUST pedal–and pedal all the time–no choice! USA law, on the other hand, simply says that you must be ABLE to pedal. Big difference! All of our LB Electrics have a throttle. For “pedal assist” all you have to do is add a little power with the thumb throttle because you can pedal only, power only, or simply mix them for “pedal assist.”

 A Final Caution When Viewing

An e-bike Distributor’s Website

If on his website, the distributor doesn’t have guts enough to publish his e-bike’s actual specification– like the motor watts, the battery voltage, the battery’s Amp Hour, honest speeds and range, but instead, tries to dazzle you with meaningless adjectives like “powerful motor” or “long range battery”  and how “his e-bike flattens hills” with no actual specifics, you should  proceed with caution.

Especially if you are considering an online purchase.

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How Can We Sell Such Powerful E-bikes

 at Such Low Prices?

One: Low Over Head:

Two: We do not have a fancy expensive store front.  Our bikes are built in our company garage.  

Three: Since we sell only one brand (our LB Electric) we do not have to carry a large inventory of bikes.  However, we keep 7 bikes on our floor (see above photo) for you to FREE test  ride and choose from.

Four:  We sell directly to you–no middle man.

Five: Since we specialize in electric bikes we do not have to inventory a large variety of accessories, which is the life blood of most bike shops.

Six: We like to stay busy.

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